Why I Am Giddy About the Viv Life Business Opportunity

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Viv Life Paradise

So, I guess you have heard about it, or you probably wouldn’t be here reading this.

This company is doing it differently than anyone else has ever even tried to do it, and they are making waves.

I am excited to be a part of this movement, and wanted to take some time to tell you what it is all about, and how you can get started earning right away.

The Viv Life Model is based on a revolutionary concept of giving tremendous value on the front end, without charging any money up front.

This is taken a step further by guaranteeing your prospect, if they move forward, they will have more money in their bank account each month, as opposed to not moving forward, and not saving any money.

Make Money Saving Others Money

That is the simple concept behind Viv Life that is causing all of the craze.

Nothing like this has ever been done before.

Think about it.

You pay for your phone bill, cable, Internet, and other monthly services regardless.

Your bill isn’t going to go down no matter what you do.

What do you have to lose in going to a website, uploading your bills and seeing if they can be lowered through negotiation.

If your bills can’t be lowered, you pay nothing.

If they can be lowered, you pay 50% of the savings over the term of the savings monthly.

You also have the option to just pay it off at a discounted rate.

The point is, you are either going to save money every month, or you aren’t going to pay, and if you do end up paying, you are still going to save.

It just can’t get any easier than this, or better.

People have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to network marketing because it requires you get your friends to purchase product each month.

This is a different concept that isn’t going to make your friends angry at you, or obligated.

You are going to be providing tremendous value, and once they get in the mindset of saving money, they are going to want to continue to rack up those savings.

How to Make Money with Viv Life!

Get signed up to work with me and let’s knock it out of the park.

This is such a simple business.

The easy approach we use is a simple 3 step process that anyone can learn.

You Go Pro – Become a Viv Life Pro Consultant.

Buy a domain name and forward it to your autopilot bill negotiation page.

Tell people you save people money.

Send them to your site.

Viv has all of the tools for you to follow up like a Pro included in your Pro Membership.

This is the opportunity of 10 life times and I want to work with you.

Get started ASAP.

Why put it off?

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